about us page

If you have ever heard Adam Cubbage’s Because of Sports Podcast you know he has created a show that takes an inside look a sports from a new perspective. Seeking out guests who live and breathe sports and have created a space all their own in the industry. We plan to do the same thing here with our Fantasy Podcast. Tackling fantasy football and other sports from a new perspective. Sorting through all the analytics that matter and the eye test evaluations you need to win your seasonal, dynasty, and daily fantasy leagues.

A bit about David;

I am from Virginia and I met Adam back in college in 2002, we bonded over a fandom for the Atlanta Braves and sports has been a driving factor in our friendship since day one. I have been playing fantasy football since 2007 and for the past ten years it has become a labor of love. I was always a big football fan, but fantasy for me, like so many of us, spiraled into something bigger. I joined more and more leagues every year, became the commissar of a few along the way as well. As time went on I started to want to understand the game of football on a deeper level, so I learned more and more about the nuances of offenses that are run throughout the NFL and what would drive success. I fell in love with metrics. But despite what a lot of people think about metrics, I don’t see them as the definitive way to look, I love them but use them as another weapon in my arsenal to understand what is going on on the field and use them to try and predict what could or hopefully will happen on Sundays. I am beyond excited to start this venture with Adam and other friends and try to bring you all some league winning knowledge. Lets go out and win some games!