Quick Hits From Cubbage – Week 8

Hue Jackson was fired this week.

For a while I thought I’d never write those words. Jackson somehow survived a 1-15 season and then an 0-16 season. How that happened is beyond me but we’re talking about the Cleveland Browns.

Note: I finally remembered to look up the answer to the question “Where did the Cleveland Browns get their name?” and, yeah it’s just as sad as the franchise’s recent history. The fact the Browns left, then came back and STILL chose that name might be the most Browns move of all-time.

Not only did the Browns fail to show any semblance of an identity under Jackson, but off the field there was no discipline or accountability. My feelings about John Dorsey aside, it was beyond time to make this move. With a nice young core in Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, and Jarvis Landry this team just could not go forward with Jackson as the head coach.

Todd Haley being fired was an added bonus for fantasy owners, too. Rigid coaches who force players into their schemes and don’t game plan to their talent really have no place in the NFL. Why? Because that’s not how things work, today. So for those with excitement about all the shiny pieces in Cleveland don’t forget to take into account the people in charge of them. That’s just as important.

Some other hits…

Seattle has found another gem in David Moore

As many times as John Schneider has done this you would think I wouldn’t be surprised. Yet here I am, surprised that a 7th-round pick out of Division II East Central is working out for the Seahawks. With 182 yards and four touchdowns in his last three games I think he’s earned our attention.

Brock Osweiler has a job and he’s still terrible

21.9 QBR last Thursday. Just saying.

Peyton Barber sighting(s)

For those who forgot about him, Peyton Barber is averaging 4.58 yards per carry his last three games with one rushing and one receiving touchdown. He’s owned in less than 60% of fantasy leagues.

Aren’t the Giants glad Odell Beckham, Jr. stopped talking?

As a fantasy owner I’m happy the already elite production became…more elite? Since Mr. Mara’s challenge to OBJ to let his play do the talking he’s rattled off consecutive 135+ yard performances and the Giants offensive line, quarterback situation, and defense are still not great.

Fun Fact: Stephen Gostkowski is the only player from my initial Dynasty League draft still on my team


D.J. Moore time in Carolina?

D.J. Moore had the most targets (6), receptions (5), and yards (90) for the Carolina Panthers this weekend. Greg Olsen, Devin Funchess, and Christian McCaffrey all played. Other than Detroit in week 11, the Panthers don’t face a pass defense ranked higher than 15th, with one match up against the Falcons 26th and two match ups each with the Saints (23rd) and Buccaneers (30th). He’s owned in 15% of all fantasy leagues. You’re welcome.

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