Quick Hits From Cubbage -Week 7

It’s a funny thing, expectation.

Some people crave it, seek it out in an effort to validate their own greatness. Others? Well, they want no part of it. They’re reluctant, even accidental, bearers of the cross that is expectation and don’t handle it well. Why am I telling you this? Because something interesting is happening in Jacksonville that is impacting both the NFL franchise and your fantasy teams.

It would appear their locker room is crumbling under the expectation that came after their AFC Championship Game run in 2017. Well… some of their locker room. Okay just one person, really. Okay fine, just Blake Bortles.

The Jaguars defense has given up the third fewest points in the AFC and are still impossible to pass against, yet they’ve lost three straight games heading into their next game against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles in London. It would be nice if their defense was complimented by even competent offensive play. Unfortunately they have Blake Bortles who is completing under 55% of his passes, has thrown five interceptions (to just two touchdowns), and has three fumbles during their losing streak.

Bortles is on a short leash but Cody Kessler is behind him so that’s an empty threat in my book. He’s also the guy everyone is talking about, without really talking about him at all. It’s impressive how that works but I imagine it makes for really uncomfortable team activities and road trips.

So how does this affect your fantasy team? It’s pretty simple: Blake Bortles is un-startable, the run game has no cover from the passing game, and when the offense isn’t working the defense spends a whole lot of time on the field. Until they fix Bortles (or replace him with someone better) it’s time you look at all options in Duval County as streamers and nothing more.


The way Mike McCoy called the offense in Arizona makes you wonder what he ever did to become an offensive coordinator (or head coach) at all. It was that bad. But he’s out, now, and in steps Byron Leftwich. All he’s being asked to do is groom a young quarterback with a lot of potential and not run David Johnson up the middle on 3rd and long down by 25 points.

Go get’em, champ.

A quick PSA on the Denver Broncos Offense.

For those who read or listen to anything I have to say about fantasy sports here’s a public service announcement: Despite the 45 points Denver scored last Thursday Case Keenum was still unspectacular and you should continue to be skeptical of players on this offense. You’ve been warned.

Oh yeah, hey, Andrew Luck is balling out.

I don’t blame anyone for not noticing that Andrew Luck has completed 63% of his passes for 1,286 yards, 15 touchdowns (5 INTs), and a QB Rating of 98.9% his last four games. Just thought you should know in case you wanted to catch someone who thinks Andrew Luck isn’t good in a trade they’ll regret.

The Chicago Bears deserve your attention.

I’m mostly talking to myself when I say this, but not committing to Mitch Trubisky has cost me two (fingers crossed not three) wins in a league, this year. He’s figured something out, and has elevated just about every other asset around him (except Jordan Howard) in doing so. This is me telling you to go forth with confidence in him and that offense.

Agree or disagree? Let me know! Find me on Twitter @dacubbage and listen and subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on  iTunes.


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