Quick Hits from Cubbage – Week 5

I’ve been reluctant to write one of these every Monday (I know it’s Tuesday now but this will be on Monday going forward) for a couple of reasons.

Self-doubt and the desire to just “play a role”.

The number one reason I was most excited to have a Fantasy  Football affiliate of Because of Sports was I liked the idea of playing a role. I collaborate with two people (David Burke and Vernon Meighan) that know their stuff and I was happy just hopping over from time-to-time while they take the lead.

Then I realized that’s not who I am.

I like disrupting ‘common’ thoughts and challenging theories in real sports (on the Because of Sports Podcast) and fantasy sports. It’s easy to give you thoughts on who to add from the waiver wire and ranking players week-to-week, but you can literally get that on any number of sites. Not to say there isn’t value in those things but I’m interested in the conversation and ‘why’ things are being done. And based on the interactions I have/see/hear on social media and wherever else you (whoever is reading this or listening to our podcasts) are too.

Somewhere along the way I also became intimidated by people I respect in the sports industry because of this belief that they’re “smarter” or “cooler” or “more creative” than I am; which kept me from writing a lot of the things I’ve had on my mind both here and That isn’t to say it’s their fault I wasn’t being myself and “doing me”, but that level of respect caused me to compare, and comparing caused me not to do what I know I can do. I’m here to tell you that’s not happening anymore.

Does that mean being louder or saying things just to say them? No, that’s never really been my style. For the purposes of this site, it means if everyone is telling you to zig, but your team is better if you don’t, I’m going to say you shouldn’t. When you hear conversations between me and my colleagues, the opinions and ideas we have will have been challenged by each other and others are welcome to join. That’s what makes sports fun to talk and learn about.

Thanks for reading that. I needed to get it off my chest. Now my thoughts from Week 5.

Atlanta is THAT team to go all in when streaming or loading up starters against.

As hard as it might be to admit that as a Falcons fan, without Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Ricardo Allen the Falcons might be one of the worst collection of defensive talent in the NFL. They’ve been roasted by New Orleans, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh the last three weeks, and with Tampa Bay (Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Desean Jackson) and the Giants (Odell Beckham, Jr., Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram) the next two weeks please don’t over complicate things with those decisions.

Aaron Rodgers is back to being that man again.

Admittedly, everyone would like to see Aaron Rodgers and the Packers get of to a quicker start than they have the first few games. But if Rodgers’ week five performance (442 yards, 3 TD) tells us anything, he’s close, if not back to being that man again.

There are signs of (offensive) life in Seattle.

I have discussed that the Seahawks are not to be trusted. But their shootout with the Los Angeles Rams gave me something to think about. I mean it wasn’t as though they lost because of their offense, but because of a component that scared me since the beginning. I’ll let ESPN’s Mina Kimes tell it:

There it is. Listen, a team with Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, Doug Baldwin, Chris Carson,  and Mike Davis should be able to produce a starter or two for your fantasy roster. Schottenheimer makes this not a possibility. So while it was encouraging to see life from the Seahawks, I wouldn’t go all in just yet.

Falling for Christian Kirk after this week would be a mistake. 

I don’t have anything against Christian Kirk, but if you are running out to grab Kirk after his nice week against the San Francisco 49ers remember this: It was the San Francisco 49ers. Kirk is not an every week play yet, and those resources would be better spent on you (FINALLY) picking up Jakeem Grant.

Agree or disagree? Let me know! Find me on Twitter @dacubbage and listen and subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on  iTunes.


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