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Quarter Back Rankings: Fantasy Football 2018

Far and away the most important position on the real grid iron every Sunday, but is that also the case this year in fantasy football? I guess it depends on who you ask.

Our own Adam Cubbage said on this very podcast that he feels this is the year to grab Aaron Rodgers with a top pick and do not wait on a quarterback in the draft. I personally think it is a bit more of how the board falls to me. In 2018 I have seen Cam Newton slide around the late 6th/early 7th and I love getting him there after I have at least 1 stud RB, 3 stud WRs, and a solid RB2. I am a little less risk adverse than my partner in crime. Of course J.J. Zachariason would probably disagree with both of us, and I do have to say if I miss out on Rogers or one of those top 4 guys, I am okay with Matthew Stafford, Big Ben, or Philip Rivers much later this year!

In Adam’s defense, lets break this down a bit. In 2017 Russell Wilson was the QB1 with 347.8 Fantasy Points (FPTS). That was good for 21.74 Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG). Todd Gurley had himself a year as well with 383.3 FPTS and averaged 21.2 Fantasy FPPG (He only played in 15 games). While Bell at PPR RB2 had a more average finish if you look across the last 3 years with 17.1 FPPG. So that means the guy taken generally at 1.01 – 1.03 in drafts puts up almost 5 points per game less than the QB1.

Lets look specifically at Rodgers year in 2016 when he finished as the QB1 with 380 FPTS! That was good for 23.75 FPPG. Just like Gurley in 2017, PPR RB1, David Johnson, finished with 407.8 FPTS for 25.45 FPPG, #2 RB, Ezekiel Elliot finished with 21.69 FPPG (but missed a game), and Bell finished 3rd with 19.8 FPPG. It only drops from there. Antonio Brown finished as PPR WR1 this year and he pulled a solid 20.5 FPPG.

My point is this, there is great value later in the draft for Quarter Backs for sure, but in mid to late round 2 you can draft a much more volatile position than QB and it could cost you at least a MINIMUM of 4.6 points a game, and that is assuming you land a guy who WILL finish as a top 7 RB or top 3 WR. That is a huge advantage every week for the QB1 owner, you need to find an extra almost 5 points a game on top of your teams general performance. That’s not an easy task.

I for one will be grabbing Rodgers in the top 3 rounds or Cam in round 4/5 if I have to reach for him and force YOU to find the points week in and week out you will need to beat me.

1 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 7
2 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers 4
3 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings 10
4 Tom Brady New England Patriots 11
5 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 7
6 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions 6
7 Deshaun Watson Houston Texans 10
8 Drew Brees NO Saints 6
9 Eli Manning NY Giants 9
10 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles 9
11 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 7
12 Philip Rivers LA Chargers 8
13 Jared Goff LA Rams 12
14 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 8
15 Patrick Mahomes KC Chiefs 12
16 Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers 11
17 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals 9
18 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 9
19 Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans 8
29 Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 7
21 Alex Smith Washington Redskins 4
22 Case Keenum Denver Broncos 10
23 Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars 9
24 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders 7
25 Mitch Trubisky Chicago Bears 5
26 Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5
27 Teddy Bridgewater NY Jets 11
28 Sam Bradford Arizona Cardinals 9
29 Tyrod Taylor Cleveland Browns 11
30 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens 10
31 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins 11
32 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills 11
33 Ryan Fitzpatrick Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5
34 Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns 11
35 Josh McCown NY Jets 11
36 Josh Rosen Arizona Cardinals 9
37 AJ McCarron Buffalo Bills 11
38 Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles 9
39 Jacoby Brissett Indianapolis Colts 9
40 Nathan Peterman Buffalo Bills 11

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