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Draft Tales (Whoo-oo): My 1st Dynasty Start Up Super Flex!!

So I am in the midst of my first ever dynasty start up super flex league and so far it’s been a fun and unexpected draft. I thought I would share my impressions so far and give you some insight in case you are looking to join a similar league, or if you are just bored and want to judge others and their picks! Since this is not a mock draft, but an actual draft people have some money on, I thought it would be fun to get an idea of ADP’s prior to the NFL Draft. Here we go.

Not only is the super flex aspect new to me for a start up, but we are also selecting rookie pick spots as well, for example the 2018 rookie 1.01 went at the 1.07 spot of the start up. This is a 30 round draft with 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE), and 1 DST. This is a slow draft with 4 hours per pick available.

I landed the 1.01 (a spot I DO NOT like drafting from) and after some debate with myself I could not pass on Todd Gurley. As this is a full PPR, and he now is commanding a nice target share in that offense, and is in line for some positive game scripts with the improved defensive unit out in LA, I like Gurley to be a top 3 RB for the next 2-3 years.

Let’s take a look at the 1st round.

Round 1

Carson Wentz at 1.04 surprised me but I expected a couple QB’s off the board by the end of round 1 and that was happened. Rodgers makes sense but being a dynasty I can see wanting Wentz more due to his age and potential in the Philly offense over the next 5-8 years. TBD would then go on to trade Wentz to Mixed Nutz for his 1st round pick and swap draft spots throughout the remainder of the draft. So TBD ended up with Rodgers and a better draft spot going forward, not too shabby.

I also would take Wilson over him as well with Wentz falling into my QB3 spot as far as this draft would be concerned. And I am a Saquon truther, like everyone else, but no way am I going Saquon over Odell in the first round. I need at least one guy I know I can build around. Maybe I play it too safe though…

Round 2 was where things took some interesting turns….

Round 2

6 Quarterbacks came off the board in Round 2! And dear heavens Goff went before Cam, Keenan Allen, and Dalvin Cook. That’s bold! Goff will be tied to McVay for a while though so if he can continue to progress who knows. While I also like Pat Mahomes, no way I am taking him at the 2.11 spot. I see the arguments of Andy Reid, great weapons, solid run game, but I just think he is a gamble, granted one that could pay off, but with Mariota, Winston, Cousins, Stafford, and Dak still on the board, I would probably lean towards them over Mahomes, which was great since I had the next two picks.

With QB’s flying I grabbed “my guy” Marcus Mariota at the 2.12 spot. He is young, in what I would label an improving offense (now that Mularkey is out), and runs the ball well. This is a 4 points passing TD and 6 points rushing league so I like the upside of Mariota gaining rushing TDs after seeing those increase from 2 to 5 for him from his 2nd to his 3rd year in the NFL. I also love his weapons, with Corey Davis (who we will discuss early in the next round!) Matthews, Deon Lewis, Delanie Walker, Jonuu Smith, and Taywon Taylor, this is an offensive unit that will be able to move the ball next season and beyond.

I am curious what everyone else thinks so sound off in the comments below or on twitter @BofSports_David.

Check back tomorrow and we will discuss Round 3 and 4…maybe 5 depending on how fast these picks take to get going.

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