Week 10 Recap / Accountability Blast!

Week 10 in in the books and to say things didn’t go exactly as planned is a staple for the NFL, but this week specifically it felt a little crazier than normal. Indy took it to Pittsburgh with the Steelers barely making it out with a win. The chargers were leading by 3 with less than 2 minutes when Blake Bortles threw 1 of 2 interceptions in that time period, AND YET the Jaguars still came back and won that game. The Brett Hundley lead Packers put up 372 yards and beat the Bears, but lost Aaron Jones for 3-6 weeks. The Panthers rolled without Kelvin Benjamin, but lost Curtis Samuel for the rest of the year. And last but not least, the San Francisco 49ers recorded their first victory of the season over the NY Giants. Something tells me it’s just going to get wilder from here. Lets get in to week 10 a bit deeper.

My top 15 were; Stafford, Prescott, Wilson, Goff, Brady, Newton, Rothelsiberger, Mariota, Bress, Fitzpatrick, Ryan, Taylor, Manning,  Bortles, and Beathard.
Actual top 15 from week 10 were; Newton (35.7), Cousins (27.6), Goff (26.5), Beathard (25.0 yikes the Giants stink), Keenum (24.1), Kizer (23.0), Brady (22.6), Stafford (21.7), Wilson (19.4), Roethlisberger (17.9), Mariota (17.7), Manning (17.7), Bortles (16.3), Trubisky (15.9), Brissett (15.6).
Review: 10 of 15. 66% Thats pretty solid.  This weekend went a little sideways for a few guys I projected in the top 15, I’m looking at you Tyrod, Bress, and Ryan. At least for Bress it was because of how successful the run game was against Buffalo. Bress has attempted less passes than in years past but is actually throwing the ball better, his completion % is currently sitting @ 71.7%, above his career average of 66.8%.
It did not go sideways for Cam Newton. I don’t know what juju voodoo Kelvin has over him but Cams games in splits with/without Benjamin is unreal.
Cam Splits
 I hope Curtis Samuel is alright, but reports for his ankle are not good at the moment. He started to step up in this game but after he went out Funchess went off. With Olsen potentially back week 12, I think Cam’s arrow is pointing up for the rest of season as Carolina has a few solid QB match ups going forward.
Matt Ryan only mustered 14.6 Fantasy points against a Dallas defense that has been giving up an average of 19.3 fantasy points a game to QBs. My big miss was Case Keenum, who is playing like a man who does not want to lose his job currently. Case had a huge first half on his way to a 24.1 Fantasy point day. With a healthy Thielen, Diggs, McKinnion and Murray he has a chance to continue to shine. Worth a roster spot in all 12 team leagues, but temper expectations as the schedule gets a bit tougher going forward.
Great to see young guys starting to step up in Trubisky and Kizer, Kizer particularity looked really good at points in this game and I hope Cleveland leaves him in and lets him develop a bit more. C.J. Beathard played well against a poor defense and as long as he is the starter he may be stream-able against weak secondaries, but I would look as this game as more of an outlier than I would a baseline for expectations going forward.
My top 15 were; Bell, Gurley, Kamara, Hyde, Fournette, McCaffrey, Gordon, McCoy, Freeman, Darkwa, Howard, Miller, Ingram, Powell, and McKinnon.
Actual top 15 from week 10 were; Ingram (31.1), D. Murray (29.2), Ekeler (26.9), Kamara (24.8), McCaffrey (20.0), Gurley (19.6), Drake (17.2), Crowell (16.5), Bell (16.2), Coleman (15.8), Burkhead (15.3), Montgomery (14.8), Duke Johnson (14.8), Riddick (13.7), and Artis-Payne (12.8), L. Murray (12.8), Breida (12.8), Darkwa (12.8) all tied for 14th.
Review: 6 of 15. 40%. This week proved to be a bit more chaotic for RBs. Freeman, my #9 left early with a concussion and will miss week 11 and possibly more games going forward. Injuries are a variable that are too difficult to acccount for dispite how often they occur, Tevin Coleman came in and played well, but he was outside my top 15. I hope Devonta is feeling better soon. Adam’s darling, Kenyan Drake broke lose for a 66 yard TD Monday night propelling him into the top 15, I have to agree that I think he is the back to own going forward, but you still have to be concerned about his workload, only registering 16 carries since Miami sent Ajayi to Philly. But those 16 carries have gone for a stunning average of 9.4 yards per carry.
 The Saints, oh man, they busted lose running for 300 yards Sunday and 6 scores. Both Ingram and Kamara were top 5 options and I had both ranked as RB1’s. This backfield is serviceable for both going forward. (Also note the rich are getting richer as it is reported that Jonathan Williams is being signed from Denver’s practice squad).
As Adam and I discussed on the podcast this week, TyMony is probably the way to go with Jones out for the next 3-6 weeks, Jamal Williams is just a guy for me, he has been lackluster and is in a struggling offense, I am leaving him on waivers unless I am very desperate.
Seeing Crowell in the top 10 is great as many people drafted him as a solid RB2. Cleveland looked much better offensively in this game and I hope that continues going forward, Coleman is back this week, however the Browns pull the Jags so I am continuing to fade all Browns players for at least week 11. The Breida/Hyde split is frustrating for owners, but this week you were probably satisfied if you played either one, I still like Hyde better, and this is one of the few situations I would advocate a handcuff if you own Hyde, and Breida is available.
My top 15 WRs were; Brown, Julio Jones, Marvin Jones, Green, Bryant, Anderson, Shepard, Hopkins, Thielen, Tate, Benjamin, Richardson, Michael Thomas, Diggs, and Funchess.
Actual top 15 from week 10 were; Woods (37.1), Thielen (30.6), Funchess (26.2), Shepard (25.2), Chester Rogers (22.7), Green (22.5), Tate (22.5), LaFell (21.5), Fitzgerald (21.3), Thomas (20.7), Smith-Schuster (20.7), Adams (20.0), Sanders (19.7), Lee (19.5), and Anderson (18.5).
Review: 8 of 15. 53%. Not a bad number. Some personal horn tooting in this category would be that I had Thielen Higher than Diggs as my #8 WR and Robby Anderson as my #6. I missed big on the two Jones’. While Julio lead the team with 6 catches they only went for 57 yards. 11 points in PPR isn’t terrible, but not what you are hoping for from a stud like Julio. on the other hand Marvin Jones all but disappeared in this game with 1 catch for 22 yards. Golladay was back and registered 2 catches for 64 yards which may have been a factor but I thought Stafford could support two top options this week and at least he did one with Tate.
I must start believing in Juju, I must start believing in Juju, i am just going to keep telling myself that when I am setting my rankings going forward. Two weeks in a row he has lead the Steelers in receiving, but I have to believe Brown is not a huge fan of that and expect to see us getting back to Antonio on a short week. But Juju has been fantastic and has become one of those guys you can’t help but root for. I’m in on him big time, buy where you can. On the other side of this game, Pittsburgh gave up big plays to Moncrief and Rogers while containing T.Y. Hilton. Brissett spread the ball around well and Indy put up a good fight in what was one of the better games of the week. This Indy pass game will continue to be hard to predict. I am not buying yet on any player other than Hilton and he is still just a spot start WR2, but Brissett is definitely someone worth starting if you don’t have a better option. Watch for news on his concussion throughout the week.
Sterling Shepard was someone I thought was a great play this week and he came through making a couple of fantastic grabs in this game going for a total of 11 receptions for 142 yards! NY’s defense seems to have given up but the offense is still trying. Shepard, Engram, and Darkwa were all viable/top fantasy options this week. The schedule stays good for NY pass catchers and Engram and Shepard will be the two that are worth rostering. Lewis may sneak in another score or two but predicting which game that will occur could be maddening. On San Fran’s side of the ball, Goodwin is someone we discussed on the podcast as a waiver wire add, with a decent schedule ahead and now being the top option in the pass game, Goodwin is a boom or bust type of play but possibly one of the only week winning options you will still find on the waivers this time of year.
My top 10 TE’s were;  Gronkowski, Engram, Graham, Doyle, Clay, Brate, Henry, Sefarian-Jenkins, Walker, and Reed.
Actual top 10 from week 10 were; Graham (20.7), Gresham (17.4), Hooper (16.9), G. Celek (16.7), Engram (15.1),  Davis (14.6), Witten (12.9), ASJ (12.7), Dickson (12.3), Walker (12.3). Gronk was 11th
Review: 4 of 10. 40% A bit worse than last week. For what its worth Gronk finished just less than a full point below Walker at the 10th spot, so it wasn’t a complete let down of a day for him, Brady found more room against Denver’s secondary than most have. Maybe that’s why he has 5 super bowl rings. Graham had a great game on TNF and I have no idea why jump balls to Graham has not been the only redzone call in Seattle for the last two years. He and Russell are on the same page finally and his outlook for the rest of the year looks really good.
Hunter Henry vanished again with 1 catch for 7 yards. He is a Jekyll/Hyde fantasy player and for where you drafted him its probably a bit maddening. I still love his outlook in dynasty leagues but feel free to pass if you have a better option in redraft.
Gresham continues to thrive with Drew Stanton under center and is one of those better options to Henry I was talking about. Reed was out again and I would have advocated Davis if I had known Reed would miss. Both are so talented but its almost a handcuff situation and I cant see taking two TEs from one team on my roster but if you have done that you are probably doing better than most this season at that position.
TE continues to be so weekly that outside of Gronk, Kelce, Ertz and Engram, I am probably streaming match ups each week. Any team playing the Giants has a must start TE as they have given up a TD in EVERY GAME this season. Also check that Waiver wire and see if someone dropped Greg Olsen, He should be back Week 12 and with Samuel now gone for the year, Carolina will need to get Olsen back involved on offense and he could provide some security at a position that seems scarce going into the fantasy playoffs.
Per Vern’s request I will be adding his DFS picks here as well to see who did and who did not return value.
Jared Goff – $6700 vs Texans 
Goff was one of his better calls this week, definitely returning value as the QB 3 on the week for under $7,000.
Dak Prescott – $7300 @ Falcons
Dak DID NOT finishing as QB 22 for the week. Losing Zeke was much less of an issue than losing Tyron Smith was as his replacement Chaz Green gave up 7 sacks from the LT position. Dak didn’t find much room to get anything done in Atlanta.
Ryan Fitzpatrick – $4900 vs Jets
Vern noted he was serviceable for the week but that did not pan out either. the Ryan Fitzpatrick revenge game never got going for him. Finishing as the QB 35 for the week. Even for a contrarian play, that is pretty bad.
Marvin Jones – $6200 vs Browns
Wide Receivers were definitely where Vern took the biggest hit this week and no one was worse than Jones with his 1 catch for 22 yards against a Cleveland secondary that has been getting torched this season. Golden Tate had the monster game this week.
Mohamed Sanu – $5100 vs Cowboys
Barely finishing above Marvin Jones was Sanu with 3 receptions for 29 yards.
Cooper Kupp – $4600 vs Texans
Kupp should have been a great daily play this week, for $4600 in a matchup where LA was going to score points from the WR position, I liked Kupp going into this game as well. But Robert Woods has simply taken over as the top option in this passing game. Kupp did finish as the WR 33 with 10.7 PPR points this week, so it could have been worse, but you probably wanted it to be better.
Alvin Kamara – $6900 @ Bills
Anytime you get a top 5 RB play for under $7000 in daily, that’s a boon for sure. Kamara, especially on draft kings was a steal this week. RB 4 with 24.8 PPR points. I have been beating you up a bit but this was a solid call Vern.
Alfred Morris – $5500 @ Falcons
Morris was not horrible in this game, averaging 4.8 YPC but Dallas just fell behind and game script beat Morris this week. At $5500 he didn’t completely sink you, but can’t really say it was a successful play either.
Matt Forte – $4400 / Bilal Powell – $4000 @ Buccaneers
Foret was announced out prior to Sunday and fantasy analyst’s everywhere were calling for a huge Bilal Powell week. 10 carries for 30 yards and only 1 catch for yards. Yikes. This made no sense to me as Bilal Powell has never gone under 130 yards in a game where he gets 80% of RB snaps, yet Jets seem to refuse to feature him in the offense. Both fantasy players and the Jets took an L on this one.
Eric Ebron – $3100 vs Cleveland
The Tight end selections both came through for Vern this week. Ebron finished as TE 10 with 11.9 points which is great value for the price. But even better was…
Garrett Celek – $2500 vs Giants
Celek finished as the TE 4 with 16.7 points. Amazing value for $2500. As I noted above the Giants have given up a TE to the TE position every single game this year. Whoever they are playing, you should be starting.
Carolina Panthers – $3500 vs Dolphins
The Panthers played great on offense this week while the defense was able to relax a bit due to the lead Cam put up on Miami. Luke Kuechly recorded the 15th interception of his career, but outside of that it was a quiet night for Carolina’s DST.
Chicago Bears – $3000 vs Packers
The Bears should have been a better play this week against the packers as they continue to roll minus Aaron Rodgers. Instead they gave up 23 points, over 350 yards and only recorded 2 sacks.

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