Fantasy Football 2017: Three Thoughts On The Monday After Week 10

What’s that? Another injury to an exciting player in 2017?

Each Monday, Adam Cubbage will give his thoughts on the Sunday that was in the NFL and what it means for your Fantasy Football Team going forward.

I could wax-poetic about what I’m going to say next but I’m not going to because there’s a lot to cover. Also because it’s fantasy football and to wax-poetic about would be weird. 

1. We Never Stopped Loving You Ty Montgomery! It just Got Complicated…

It would be one thing to sit here and convince you that Ty Montgomery is the best running back in Green Bay and we shouldn’t have ever doubted him; but that’s what I like to call a lie. Aaron Jones is a better running back than Montgomery but now Jones is out 3-6 weeks. At this point it’s safe to drop Aaron Jones and recommit yourself to Montgomery. Especially since Brett Hundley looks like he might be competent under center for the Packers and Montgomery’s skill set is better suited to exploit the upcoming schedule for the Packers through that first week of Fantasy Playoffs.

2. Los Angeles Has All Of Your Fantasy Football Needs! Now Sell Their Quarterback.

Remember when those Fantasy Football Experts not named Adam Cubbage thought Todd Gurley sucked and Los Angeles (Not Carson; ACTUAL Los Angeles) was a fantasy Football wasteland? Fast-forward four months and Todd Gurley is the number one, non-Quarterback fantasy option and he’s surrounded by a cast that are also capable of helping you win a league in 2017. But if you have a trade deadline upcoming it’s time to sell Jared Goff. I’ll admit, Jared Goff is a lot better than I thought  he would be after last year’s disastrous rookie season. Plus, he tossed three more touchdowns against Houston on Sunday.

So what am I talking about?

Goff has yet to prove he can beat elite secondaries. With his upcoming schedule of Minnesota, New Orleans, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Seattle do you really trust that he’s the guy to take you to a Week 16 championship game? Because that’s what you’re saying if you keep him.

3. There Are No Elite D/ST’s Outside Of Jacksonville. Now Go Forth And Stream!

Once upon a time you could count on plug and play staples at the D/ST spots like Seattle and Denver. Yeah… those days are over. Jacksonville is the only D/ST you can trust on a week-to-week basis. Anyone who says otherwise can come talk to me. Why do I mention this? I own Minnesota and Denver’s D/ST in a league and streamed the New York Giants. The Giants call was the right one with a whopping four points. So even streaming isn’t a sure thing; but neither is a defense outside of Jacksonville so prep and stream accordingly.

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