Week 9 Recap / Accountability Blast!

Hello fantasy fans! So hopefully you have been checking out the weekly rankings, podcast, and Vern’s DFS articles! Starting this week I am offering an accountability article to my rankings. I will review my top 15 plays at each positions and see what I got right and what I got ohh so wrong. Let’s dive into Week 9.

**All scores are based on PPR scoring formats**


My top 15 were; Bress, Wilson, Smith, Prescott, Newton, Goff, Went, Stafford, Winston, Taylor, Cousins, Ryan, Cutler, Manning, and Mariota.

Actual top 15 from Week 9 were; Goff (28.4), Taylor (26.9), Prescott (26.7), Went (24.8), Cutler (24.4), Wilson (23.6), Stafford (22.4), Newton (20.1), Brissett (19.5), Dress (18.7), Smith (18.4), Ryan (18.4), Hundley (Yes somehow with 18.0), Beathard (17.4), McCown (16.9), and Bortles (16.4)

Review: 11 of 15 correct. QB feels like one of the easier to call week in and out but I’ll take those numbers. Big wins were Goff as my #6 and he finished as the #1. I should have not counted Brissett out going against Houston’s secondary. Not a bad week overall though.



My top 15 were; Gurley, Hunt, McCoy, Ingram, Miller, Elliot, Jones, Peterson, Fournette, Murray, McCaffrey, Kamara, Collins, Freeman, and Hyde.

Actual top 15 from week 9 were; Kamara (31.2), Clement (25.6), Forte (25.6), Gurley (24.4), Hyde (21.5), McCaffrey (20.4), Lynch (20.3), Allen (19.5), Damien Williams (18.1), Peterson (16.7), Drake (16.4), Elliot (15.3), Kelley (13.8), Ajayi (13.7), Mixon (13.6), and Ivory (13.4).

Review:  6.5 of 15. (okay so I am claiming at least a 1/2 point for Ivory as I would have added him if I had know Fournette was going to be a last minute sit) . It was a wild week in the NFL for RBs. Philly had Blount and traded for Ajayi, so naturally Clement was going to lead the team in touches. Kamara has become Bress top target at the expense of Mike Thomas. Mike McCarthy ran Aaron Jones 4 times in first quarter and then promptly sat him for the next 2 quarters while his team got behind 17 points. After it seemed Collins took control of the Baltimore backfield, Buck Allen got the TD (lets just play a new game of when will Collins score a TD this season). At least Collins lead team in carries. So there is that. Marshaw took control of the Oakland backfield after missing 1.5 games and Richard and Washington couldn’t establish themselves. That was a big miss for me this week, should have seen that one coming. Miami used Willaims and Drake both effectively leading to a wonderful committee situation for the rest of season I imagine. Tough week for my calls at this position, which feels like the most volatile weekly for sure.


My top 15 were; Mike Thomas, Bryant, Parker, Evans, Julio Jones, Hopkins, Hill, Baldwin, Funchess, Ginn, Hilton, Marvin Jones, Cooper, Lockett, and Watkins.

Actual top 15 from week 9 were; Hilton (34.5), Marvin Jones (29.7), Jeffrey (26.4), Baldwin (23.8), Terrance Williams (23.1), Woods (23.0), Lee (21.5), Deonte Thompson (21.1), Demaryius Thomas (21.0), Hopkins (20.6), Beasley (18.4), Tate (18.3), Maclin (17.8), Julio Jones (17.8), Zay Jones (17.3), and Matthews (17.0).

Review: 5 of 15. Not great again. I had a lot of my top 15 just outside of the top 15 though for what that’s worth. I underestimated Bree’s use of Kamara, especially in the RedZone. Thomas’s outlook is now as more of a solid WR2 play week in and out as opposed to a WR1. Amari vanished once again, I don’t know why I am surprised. I expected a bigger day from Watkins, while he was solid, Woods came up huge on a 3rd and 33 play taking it 52 yards to the house. At this point just start all the Rams. Not sure why I faded the Bills WRs when I had Tyrod ranked so high? Thats on me. I like Thompson going forward, especially with Benjamin pulling the top corners in coming matchups. Marvin Jones and Tate were both top 15 options this week, Detroit played well in a good matchup and snapped a 3 game skid, I think they keep the momentum going next week, but thats an easy assertion as they get Cleveland.

TIGHT ENDS (we’ll just stick with top 10 here)

My top 10 were; Ertz, Kelce, Brate, Engram, Doyle, Graham, ASJ, Walker, Witten, and Vernon Davis.

Actual top 10 in week 9 were; Cook (20.6), Thomas (20.4), Kelce (20.3), Engram (17.0), Doyle (14.3), Davis (13.2), Walker (21.1), Burton (12.1), Watson (11.1), Graham (10.9), and Gresham (10.3).

Review: 6.5 out of 10 (I am claiming half again because I did start Burton in numerous leagues after Ertz was ruled out last minute while having issues during warm ups.) Best category this week for sure. Brate fell victim to Jameis’s shoulder woes and/or the Saints swarming defense. I missed Gresham, I liked Stanton this week, and had him in QB2 territory, but expected more for Fitz, In a pinch I am streaming Gresham again this week with the Seahawks covering Fitz and Brown. Ben Watson feels like the chalk pic I missed.  Biggest upset to me was ASJ, he has now gone under 30 yards in each of the last three games as McCown seems more comfortable throwing downfield to Anderson and Kearse.  I still like ASJ’s touchdown upside, but his targets/yards are coming down.

Well there you have it. Hope you all had a great week 9! Be sure to check out the week 10 rankings when they go up on Thursday afternoon.




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